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It's been a fun few months to be an animator.  I haven't had any big 3D jobs so I've been helping a incorporating money with paper work to pay my bills.  But finally I get two 3D contracts, one paid with a big company and one unpaid for a friend that would lead to future paid projects.  

The unpaid friend project stopped communicating about it around the exact same time he got engaged.  I get how that's a big deal and all, but it wouldn't be that hard to say "I want that part rounded" or other tips so I can capture his design perfectly.  Oh well, unpaid so no skin off my back, and it's always there to come back too.

The paid one, that's another story.  They asked me for a price range and time frame for a project, I got it them the very next day.  They were super excited...then they vanished off the face of the earth for two weeks.  No email or phone call could reach them.  Finally I heard from them and it seem to be working out, so no complaints.

In the end it's all good, but seriously, communication people.  It takes ten minutes of your time and saves everyone trouble.
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So I finished my Christmas short film.  It didn't turn out at the quality I wanted it too, but I learned what my mistake was (mostly it's my Adobe's being way out of date) and future films will be much better (were talking full HD!!!!) so all's well that ends well.

What's it about you say?   Why the mafia of course.  Nothing says Christmas like the Mafia...just watch...…

I had a lot of fun making this so I hope you all have a lot of fun watching it!

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So it's time for my last set of images from my old work.  Two images of a model that was never used and the other two are from personal projects that are currently delayed.  Why are they delayed you ask?  Because I've got several projects I need to get finished asap.
Project 1:  Statue
I'm making a CG model of a friends character so it can be printed into a vinyl statue that we're going to try and sell.  If it works out then I'll be doing a whole series of statues.
Project 2:  Christmas Film
I wrote a short Christmas film and suddenly all the planets seem to be aligning so now I've got the chance to act in and direct it!  Should be fun, but I want to get it out before Christmas...for obvious reasons.
Project 3:  Assorted
I haven't picked which of my other projects will take priority next.  I have a HD remake of one of my old animations, a web comic, a actual comic and a animation to honor my grandfather all in the works.

And of course during all that I'm still writing movie reviews for Spoiler Alert(which if you haven't seen here's a link…) and I spend like 30 hours a week trying to find a job.  Adding on to that is the release of Skyward Sword's gonna get busy up in here!

So wish me luck and I'll be updating my gallery as each project progresses.
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What did you say person watching my deviant art?  You want to see the rest of my environments?  
Your wish I shall grant!  But tomorrow we get a model I've had a few friends request to see!
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Alrighty, so now I'm going to post some models that I textured, but did not model.  Also, more environments...cuase I gots lots of them!

I'm gonna try and get the rest of my images up by the end of the week, but I've got a project I really need to finish before sunday so I might get distracted.
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So sadly I've been unable to work on my projects lately because I've reached the point where needing money out ways wanting to work on my things.  So right now I'm focusing on working projects that will get me money and finding jobs.  So I figured I'd start trickling in different unfinished projects that I've been working on, starting with the oldest stuff and working forward.

Let's start with some low polygon models and environments!
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So I actually found a animation job...and here's the thing about animation jobs, THEY TAKE UP A LOT OF TIME!  I mean crazy amounts...and after your done work the last thing you want to do to relax is more art.  Well that job ended like 5 months ago, but due to non-disclosure I can't reveal my work from there for a long while.  I don't have any of my own work because I've been just doing sketches and texture mapping for 5 months while I spend the majority of my time trying to find a new job and I found one teaching at a summer camp.

So, time to get back to animating/writing/drawing so I don't lose all my skills and I can show off all the nifty things I learned while at Digigraph!
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I'm back!  
Alright, so after I finished my demo reel I worked on an animation and it was crap so I took a break and tried finding a new job cause my old job at Radioshack sucked and wasn't paying enough.  Sadly, my attempts at finding an animation job failed (though I did get a freelance gig that I'll link on here once it's done) and my job at "The Shack" got worse so I went into a super lame month of depression where all I did was sleep, go to work, and play vidoe games (that last parts super awesome, it's the other two parts I hate).  
BUT!  I got a new job, that will most likely still suck cause it's not animation, but it pays more and is closer to home so moving out of my dads house will happen much sooner....yes I'm a graduated art student living at his parents...I get how thats funny....anyway, I'm also getting a week off and by golly I'm going to animate, play video games and sleep (when and how long I want too) so haha!  I'm feeling like the old happy Chris again so exspect something awesome by the end of the week!

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So I've been working on my demoreel and here it is!…
You can see things on there that aren't in my DA so check it out!  I still have some fixs I need to make to it, but it's good enough for now.  I'm just glad I got it done and can start working more on my short animation.
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So this week has been crazy!  I've been trying to do one animation test a week, every sunday.  But sadly this weeks been crazy so I haven't been able to plan what I'm doing sunday, and sunday i'll be in Philadelphia anyway so wont get any work i'm working on coming up with ideas today so that I can start doing something in the future.  But, because there wont be any new tests this sunday I thought I'd add some more old stuff to hold over the time (cause I have such a huge fan group :P ).  
The car is really really old, like my second or third 3D thing ever old and the Still life was my first use of caustics (man I hope I'm spelling that right) and it looks crazy awesome crazy easy but adds crazy render times.
Also, I might have actually got a regular job so I should be able to focus more on animation on my none work times.  Hurray!  *crosses fingers*

Also, I'd like to point out that i have 69 (teehee) deviants right now...but thats only funny to me cause i'm immature some times...
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So I kept saying "i'll do more 3D test things once schools done" then "once I'm in a new apt" then "once I have a job" and now I finally went "well great, I'm living at my dads, I don't have a job and schools been long over...." so to give my self a pick me up I thought I'd do some random things in Maya, and then I get all excited and had an animation idea and now I'm doing some different tests to see if I can do it while modeling thigns I'll use in my animation.  
So I added those two images.  Also, earlier this week I added an image of a creature I created for a commercial me and my friend Dan did, but sadly our commercial didn't win so don't exspect to see it on TV any time soon :P  
So yay, I'm actually animating again!  I only went to school for it...but hey, I got excited enough to stay up till 3:20 working on so it's got to be something.

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I totally just added more art!  I never add more art...slowly I actually get into this deviant art thing.  Anyway, both the new pieces are from my modeling and texturing class. I'm not really proud of either of them, but I learned a lot from both.  And learning things helps me grow to create thigns I actually want to create.
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Alright, so I've now uploaded all the picturs I wanted to.  From this point on it should only be new art work.  For the most part will be 3D designs and the occasional 2D drawing or doodle.
I'd also like to say thank you to everyone who fav. or watched me!  I didn't think for a second that anyone would even look at it so I'm happy to see people actually kinda like my art!
Ok I'm done.
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Alright, so I don't have any watchers so I don't know why I'm typing this but what I'm going to start putting art up soon so look forward to it.  I'll probably put up a bunch of old art at first and maybe some 3D stuff.

there you go to all my non-watchers!
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